Welcome to Camille

Camille Market Insight is a market research agency offering consultancy
services to both local & International companies across the African Region

Why Choose Camille Market Insight

  • We add value to the decision making process of our partners by delivering actionable and insightful data and we are still with you after the debrief.

  • We are fast paced and flexible, and these help us maintain a working culture that enables us to meet clients' needs in a quick turnaround time.

  • We deliver predictable, consistent and reliable results that enhance productivity and efficiency.

Our Services

Our services are divided into Market Research, Business Research , Branding Research Social/Political Research and Field Services.

Marketing Research

Our Marketing Research services cover the entire marketing cycle, starting with identifying the market needs, up to the evaluation of customer service and satisfaction...Read more

Business Research

Camille provides our clients with comprehensive background information on competitive business environment; Current and future market environment,...Read more

Branding Research

To gain knowledge into brand position in the market, we provide branding and positioning research with emphasis on brand and equity building...Read more

Social & Political Research

This research services is rooted in the study of behavioural change which enable us provide customized research solutions to government and Non-profit organisations...Read more

Field Services

Our field force and fieldwork services ensure we deliver the highest quality throughout the entire research process. We have several highly trained and mobile interviewers...Read more

Focus Group Facility

Our rooms are connected with a one-way mirror and contain the latest technologies allowing you to observe and record your focus group, Extended depth Interviews or user testing with ease...Read more


CEO, Bravura Tech NG

Camille Market Insight are quick, reliable and efficient. As a small organisation with very little experience in conducting 'proper' market research we didn't really know where to start. Camille Market Insight supported us step by step, advising how to re-word questions to make them more appropriate and less leading.

Sara Wilson

Founder, Brivial Ltd.

Camille understands our needs and deliver beyond our expectations. Kudos to all camille team. Keep up the good work. I strongly recommend camille market insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Market research should be carried out when you start your business, before launching a new product or service and whenever an unforeseen threat or opportunity arises. The process of SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) may be useful to help you focus your thinking.

    For more information and how it can help your business, contact us

  • The time needed for primary research, where respondents are asked a series of questions, depends on the scale of the project (the sample size) and the method employed (i.e. using an camille market insight agency). As a guide, your minimum sample size should be at least 10% of your customer base.
    Many small businesses can get useful results in a week or two.

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  • Research methods are like tools in a toolbox, each more suited to one task than another. So you need to speak with us to better prescribe the best method for you.

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  • DIY research costs time, not money but a marketing research agent like us will give you best and affordable price with quality service. All our projects are managed by professionals from start to finish.

    We work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver precisely what they want.

  • Camille takes quality seriously. Our commitment to quality affects everything we do - from identifying and devising research programmes, right through to the final recommendations and beyond.

  • When you are reasonably certain you know what customers think and how they are likely to react, go ahead. As a final check, ask yourself three questions.

    • Was your sample size adequate?
    • Are you sure your respondents were not led by the questions or the way they were asked?
    • Are you sure nothing has happened since the survey to alter the situation?

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